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Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure - 

The transport sector is one of the main drivers of the Maltese economy and the services industry. The Government’s impetus to reduce pollution and to have a cleaner environment is not just a declaration on paper, but is about adopting a policy that will see the tangible introduction of a clean transportation system heading towards a CO2 emission free Malta

During the past two decades, Malta has witnessed a high increase in car ownership and use.  National statistics reveal that traditional derivatives of crude oil, such as diesel and unleaded petrol consumption have increased considerably.

The Government is striving to introduce more renewable fuels to sustain an economically-viable and more environmentally-friendly transport sector. The Ministry is committed to the implementation of Electro-mobility, because it believes that it is one of the solutions that will enable Malta to achieve its 2020 Climate change and Energy Targets.  The relevance of electric mobility to the Malta land transport situation will have a number of different beneficial aspects. These will range from effects on traffic emissions, transport energy use, patterns of electricity generation, and effects on health, urban planning and road communications. 

This Government has already put up a team of people together to move its policy forward and it has shown its willingness and commitment launching the first electric vehicle in Malta within the EU funded project under LIFE+:  DemoEV (Demonstrating the feasibility of Electric Vehicles towards climate change mitigation – LIFE10 ENV/MT/O88).  Besides demonstrating the use of this latest electric vehicle technology to Maltese potential users, DemoEV will also seek to deploy a national Electric Car-Charging Network

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is the Lead Partner of the DemoEV Project.  It is in charge of its implementation together with the three other beneficiaries: Ministry for Gozo, Transport Malta and Enemalta.  The project emerges as one of the many actions the Government is involved in to implement an efficient electric transport system aimed at guaranteeing a better quality of life for current and future generations.

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Ministry of Gozo

The overall mission of the Ministry for Gozo is to promote economic, social and cultural development in Gozo while retaining the island’s natural environmental identity. 

The Ministry for Gozo will strive to enhance further the quality of life in Gozo through education, economic development and social progress.  The island will also strive to reduce its carbon and water footprints.  Gozo’s environment, resources, culture and identity play a significant part in attracting more visitors and investment towards the island.

DemoEV is in line with the Ministry for Gozo’s vision, given that it aims to encourage the use of electric vehicles, which can replace fossil-fuel based vehicles.   The role of the Ministry for Gozo within this project, is to assist the lead partner (Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure) in the implementation of actions and activities related to the island of Gozo.


Enemalta Corporation

Enemalta Corporation offers a broad range of services to both the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors in the energy field.  Set up in 1977, the Corporation today undertakes a broad range of operations, incorporating the importation and distribution of petroleum products as well as the generation and distribution of electricity to all sectors of Maltese society.

Throughout the years, the Corporation has been instrumental in pioneering the usage of new technology to reach its corporate objectives whilst at the same time offering better products and services.Employing a workforce of around 1,500 people, Enemalta plays a significant role in the economic development of the country, contributing towards the growth of both the industrial and commercial sectors by strengthening the island’s infrastructural base.
The last few years have seen the Corporation extending and consolidating the electricity transmission system whilst upgrading its generation facilities.  At the same time, Enemalta is bracing itself to face the challenges of globalisation and a fast developing new world economy.  Today, the Corporation is becoming more focused on environmental considerations to create a safer and more sustainable habitat for the Maltese people.

Enemalta Corporation is an Associated Beneficiary within the LIFE+ DemoEV project and has given its technical assistance throughout the various phases of this project.  Furthermore, in view that this project also constitutes the setting up of a public charging infrastructure, Enemalta will also be assisting in connecting the Charging Points to the grid.  

Each Charging Point will be equipped with a smart meter and data collected from the demonstration period of this project shall be analysed in order to assess and forecast the impact that electric vehicle uptake shall pose on the electricity grid.  The data gathered shall also enable Enemalta to carry out monitoring in order to establish vehicle charging trends and nationwide data forecasting in relation to vehicle deployment.  Furthermore, an analysis regarding the effect that electric vehicle charging would pose on the local generating plants shall also take place while taking into consideration integration with photovoltaic panels installed on households participating in the pilot project.


Transport Malta

'TRANSPORT MALTA' is the Authority for Transport in Malta set up by Act XV of 2009 which brings together the Malta Transport Authority, the Malta Maritime Authority and the Civil Aviation Directorate. Transport Malta (TM) standardizes and regulates all modes of transport (road, sea and air) and is responsible for the public transport system.  

The implementation of all government transport policies fall under TM’s remit. It falls directly under the auspices of the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure.

  • The Authority seeks to aim and achieve the following main objectives and policies: Develop integrated transport policies aimed at achieving modal shifts that favour public transport and non-polluting strategies;
  • Ensure the development of an efficient and socially-sustainable public transport system in Malta;
  • Promote the maritime and civil aviation facilities of Malta and the registration of ships and aircraft under the Maltese flag;
  • Promote policies that favour the development of Malta as a maritime hub in the Mediterranean and as an entry-port to the European Union;
  • Encourage measures for the development of civil aviation and ancillary services, and, in particular, of air transport services of both passengers and cargo;
  • Ensure that the administration, services and operations of ports and yachting centres in Malta are more efficient and cost-effective.

Urban transport emissions are responsible for 40% of all CO2 emissions in Europe while 70% of all other pollutants are caused by traffic.  As the Authority primarily responsible for road transport, Transport Malta feels that it is within its responsibility to find ways how to mitigate excessive carbon emission resulting from road transport and thus improving the quality of life of Maltese citizens by contributing towards the achievement of cleaner air and an overall healthier environment.  This triggered Transport Malta’s interest to participate in DemoEV as an Associated Beneficiary.

The ever-improving technology in electro-mobility has provided Transport Malta with the perfect solution to establish clean, emission-free transportation and it was therefore for this reason that Transport Malta chose to support the DemoEV project.  By demonstrating the efficiency of the new second generation full electric vehicles and providing the necessary infrastructure for public charging, Maltese drivers can learn to appreciate the advantages that this new technology can bring to our air and urban noise levels.  Combined with Port-PVEV (an Italy-Malta 2007-2013 funded project) Transport Malta shall seek to demonstrate carbon-neutral transport by charging electric vehicles directly from solar-powered points provided around Malta. 

By implementing these measures Transport Malta is contributing not only to greening transport and cleaning Maltese air but it is also contributing to reaching the pan-European energy targets of 20% renewable energy by 2020.


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